Blockchain Economy 2020 will be the first and unique host of Citizenship expo on a bridge between East and West. Turkey's largest city Istanbul is one of the world's leading business and financial centers. Istanbul is the main gateway to the Middle East because a large number of Istanbul -based enterprises have investments and projects in other Middle Eastern countries. Turkey now boasts more than 100,000 millionaires and became the Middle East’s top country for the wealthy.

Decentralization has been considered a tool of democracy promotion because of its ability to improve individual’s economic freedom and increase equity by allocating financial resources worldwide. Thus, supporting dual citizenship, global citizenship, the Blockchain Economy 2020 hosts worldwide citizenship offering governments, companies and entities for the first time in Istanbul.


Because of easy travel opportunities, Turkey remains one of the most important countries for immigrants, especially from MENA and Eurasia regions.

  • Take part and benefit from international Summit and networking events that connect you with decision makers and experts from all over the world to provide knowledge about the most recent real estate market trends.
  • Advantage of our large-scale opportunities to help you to increase your sales globally
  • Network with some of the World’s Wealthiest Investment Funds
  • Meeting Point in MENA and Eurasia regions for the Key Regional & International Real Estate Investors and Developers.
  • Opportunity to enter the market with 100,000+ millionaires
  • 5,000,000+ immigrants
  • Immigrants raised the 6% of Turkey’s population
  • 46,000,000+ foreign visitors arrived
  • 60,000+ foreign investment companies
  • 1,628,000+ companies
  • 200+ holdings

This large-scale event will create an opportunity to explore more about countries offering citizenship with less borders for crypto community. More than 60 government representatives, companies, entities, leading market players and service providers dealing with worldwide citizenship opportunities will participate this event to present the best opportunities for 3,000 attendees from 60 countries.


BE2020 creates favorable circumstances to:

  • Opportunity to meet all the citizenship offering companies, government entities purchasing only EXPO pass
  • Gain exact knowledge about the immigration process to several countries
  • Compare the citizenships of different countries with the right information
  • FREE consulting with right advisors and government contacts for professional guidance
  • Establish businesses, open bank accounts and expand investments worldwide
  • Explore the countries with NO TAX to the personal income
  • Explore the countries with other TAX Options
  • Explore the citizenships open to ALL NATIONALITIES
  • Create a network with dual passport holders
  • Compare the multi investment plans from across the globe